As a service for all of our wholesale partners, we are proud to offer a full range of marketing tools to help promote any of the products that we sell. We are always happy to create promotions, incentives or marketing materials tailored specifically for your business.

We will always provide you with turnkey promotions that are customized to your specific needs. With full in-house graphics capabilities we are happy to do all the work for you. Just let us know which products you would like to feature in your promotion, we will negotiate special buy-in pricing from the manufacturer, make flyers, brochures, counter materials, everything you need to execute a successful promotion.

In addition, we will always provide you with any incentives at no cost to you, whether it is hats, shirts, a salesman spiff, or a gift card to a local retailer- we will bear all of the costs!
  • We will do all of the design, setup, and printing for you.
  • We will provide all types of promotional items at no cost to you (hats, shirts, gift cards, etc.)
  • We will fax, e-mail, or mail your promotions to all of your customers for you. We have a complete up-to-date database of all of the contractors in the state. Again, we do the work, you simply sit back and reap the rewards.
  • We will happily do counter days to feature the products you would like to sell. We will create "counter day specials" and make sure everyone in your market knows that you are having a counter-day
  • We will happily travel with your salespeople. By travelling with your salespeople we can help them to know all of the features and benefits of our products.

One of our favorite things to do! We will cater lunch to a local contractor, builder, or engineer. During lunch, we will show off a selection of the newest and most innovative products that we sell.

As a wholesaler, we can arrange for your salespeople to attend our lunch & learn and reap the benefits of being in front of the customer when the demand is created. The free lunch ain't bad either!

Here are a few examples of promotions we have run in the past.

Click here for a Matco-Norca FREE STEAK Giveaway Promotion.

Click here for a promotion created for Wool Plumbing Supply.

Click here for a promotion we created at HD Supply for their Pro-Value chemical line.

Click here for a Honeywell wire stone crab promotion.

Click here for a John Deere FREE CAS CARD promotion.

Click here for Sioux Chief Race to the Finish promotion.